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The most delicate shower gel for delicate cleansing and vitamin nutrition of the skin will turn your daily shower into a fabulous pleasure, saturated with delicious aromas of your favorite fruit and berry desserts!
The creamy foam gently cleanses the skin, and the incredibly light, sensual scent of cranberry will instantly relieve fatigue and give you exquisite pleasure.
Active ingredients:
  • cranberry extract
  • composition of soft surfactants


Apply the gel to a washcloth or skin, lather, enjoying the fruity scent, gently massage the body. Rinse off with warm water.

Barcode 4813406007247
Concern Moisturizing, Cleansing, Rejuvenation
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Line Fruit Dessert
Manufacturer LLC "Belika-M", st. Dekabristov, 29a, Minsk, RB
Skin type All skin types
Объем 400 г
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