The gel perfectly cleanses the body and hair after outdoor activities and sports. Invigorates, restores strength, refreshes.
Herbal Detox-complex (Hee Shi Wu, Heather, Juniper, Japanese apricot) enhances microcirculation, promotes the elimination of toxins.
Menthol - cools and soothes the skin, relieves fatigue.
Skin-neutral pH. Suitable for frequent use.


Apply a small amount of the gel to the body (damp washcloth) or hair, lather, rinse thoroughly with water.

Barcode 4810151021207
Concern Cleansing
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Line Active life
Manufacturer JV "BELITA" LLC Belarus 220089 Minsk, Dekabristov st., 29A
Объем 250 мл
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