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The shampoo gently cares for the hair and scalp, providing the necessary delicate daily scalp and hair care. Application: Apply a small amount of shampoo to damp hair, beat the lather, massage. Wash off with plenty of water. For maximum effect, use in combination with 2 in 1 Hair Mask Daily Care.

Active ingredients

WHEAT SPROUT EXTRACT , rich in vitamins and microelements, effectively cares for hair of all types, nourishes, strengthens and restores shine and smoothness, promotes hair growth. PANTHENOL soothes irritations and neutralizes the negative effect of surfactants, which is especially important with daily use of shampoo. It removes brittle hair, makes hair elastic, nourishes, softens and moisturizes the scalp. Protects it from moisture loss. The CONDITIONING COMPLEX provides combing of wet and / or dry hair. It maintains an anti-static effect throughout the day.
Линия Hair Care Program
Назначение Moisturizing
Объем 500 мл
Производитель СП "Стилмарк", г. Минск, ул. Белинского, д. 54, офис 261
Страна производства Republic of Belarus
Тип волос Normal
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