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Constant contractions of the facial muscles are the main cause of the formation of expression lines around the eyes and lips. This process can be accelerated by the skin's genetic predisposition to early aging, so mimic wrinkles can appear at a fairly young age.

The special components of the mask provide the face with the necessary care and give a visible result: they smooth out wrinkles and return velvety to the skin.

The innovative SYN AKE complex allows you to get rid of wrinkles without resorting to intradermal rejuvenating injections.

SYN AKE blocks the transmission of nerve impulses that lead to facial muscle contraction. When mimic wrinkles are relaxed, their physical activity weakens, the skin above them is restored, wrinkles are smoothed out.

The complex of natural moisturizers intensively saturates the skin with moisture and allows the cells to hold it for a long time, gives the skin tone and increases its resistance to negative environmental factors.

As a result, the skin regains freshness and elasticity.


Open the package, take out the mask and apply on cleansed skin around the eyes, as shown in the figure.

Remove after 20-25 minutes.

Use your fingertips to gently massage the remaining liquid into the skin.

Then, if desired, apply a cream that matches your skin type.

The mask is designed for single use.

Concern Nutrition, Lifting, Rejuvenation, Elasticity
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Line Home Beautician
Manufacturer PC LLC "Belkosmeks", Minsk, st. P. Brovki, 19, room 301
Skin type All skin types
Объем 10.5 г
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