Complex cream concentrate "Molecular Lift" for face, neck and décolleté 55+ with stem cells - an excellent result without surgery.
Complex of active ingredients:
  • has a pronounced lifting effect at the molecular level;
  • improves skin density, restores elasticity to it
  • smoothes deep facial wrinkles, reduces their number
  • returns a clear and beautiful oval of the face
  • reduces hyperpigmentation, giving the skin an even tone
  • restores firmness and smoothness in the neck and décolleté area.
Orange stem cells - restore and tighten the structure of the dermis and epidermis, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, strengthen and tighten the skin of the face, neck and décolleté, which leads to a noticeable smoothing and rejuvenation of the skin.
IRIS ISO is a natural anti-aging active product that compensates for the decrease in hormonal activity, slowing down the signs of aging of mature skin: reduces deep wrinkles, strengthens barrier functions, increases hydration, leaving the skin soft, smooth and radiant.
Lumiskin is a natural skin lightening molecule derived from the bark of the Chilean tree. Lumiskin reduces epidermal hyperpigmentation, giving the skin an even tone and healthy appearance.
Avocado oil fills the skin with essential nutrients, effectively moisturizes and softens, giving it firmness and elasticity.


Apply the cream to cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté until completely absorbed daily in the morning and / or evening, as well as after peels or cosmetic procedures.

Age 50+, 60+
Barcode 4810151024451
Concern Moisturizing, Nutrition, Lifting, Rejuvenation, Elasticity, Anti-aging care
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Line Salon Treatment Effect
Manufacturer JV "BELITA" LLC Belarus 220089 Minsk, Dekabristov st., 29A
Skin type All skin types
Объем 50 мл
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