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Reliable UV filters guarantee effective protection of the skin from the aggressive effects of UVA and UVB rays, help to avoid sunburn, prevent skin damage caused by free radicals, make tanning even, long-lasting and safe.

Coconut extract restores skin elasticity, restores its softness and velvety.

Kelp extract effectively moisturizes the skin, prevents flaking and dryness, providing a feeling of comfort for a long time.

* SPF value confirmed by BASF tests


Apply a small amount of cream to cleansed face and body 30 minutes before sunbathing.

We recommend to reapply (every 1.5-2 hours) after bathing and during sun exposure.

Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Line Sun tropez
Manufacturer PC LLC "Belkosmeks", Minsk, st. P. Brovki, 19, room 301
Объем 100 г
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