replaces body cream
does not leave a sticky feeling
use after shower gel
wash off with water

  • saturate with moisture, micro- and macroelements
  • increase elasticity and firmness
  • give the skin a smooth and natural glow

Conditioning cream is a quick way to moisturize your skin while you're in the shower. Having a delicate texture, it effectively restores the water-lipid balance of the skin. Thanks to an innovative development, the conditioning formula of the cream is activated by the action of water and is instantly absorbed, leaving the skin with amazing softness and natural radiance. Conditioning cream based on extracts of snow and brown seaweed.
Snow algae, due to their ability to recover and renew themselves in extreme conditions, activate the "youth gene".
In combination with brown seaweed, they allow to retain moisture at a deep cellular level, nourish and saturate the skin with micro- and macroelements, enhancing regenerative processes, increase skin tone, giving it smoothness, elasticity and firmness.
With regular use, the cream conditioner gives the skin unrivaled softness, absolute comfort and a well-groomed look.
You no longer need to wait for the cream to be absorbed. Thanks to its unique formula, the cream conditioner does not leave a sticky feeling.
* in the range of JSC "Vitex"


1. Take a shower using shower gel. 2. Apply a thin layer of washable conditioner to clean, damp skin and leave for a few seconds. 3. Rinse off with water.

Barcode 4810153023421
Concern Moisturizing
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Line Snow Algae Youth Gene
Manufacturer CJSC "VITEX" Belarus 220089 Minsk, Smirnova st. 2
Skin type All skin types
Объем 200 мл
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