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20 healing minerals
complex AQUA-PRO
  • instantly improves skin tone and radiance
  • moisturizes for a long time, smoothes wrinkles, improves skin firmness and elasticity
  • intensively saturates cells with marine minerals and trace elements
The multifunctional composition of the active components of the serum cream allows you to adapt to the individual needs of the skin and provide it with comprehensive care for 24 hours: deep moisturizing and nutrition, healing, restoring the natural bio-balance in the skin, increasing the density, firmness and elasticity of the skin, preventing the appearance of age-related changes.

A highly mineralized serum of 20 healing Dead Sea minerals saturates cells with essential substances, helps restore the integrity of the hydrolipid mantle, and increases the skin's ability to withstand the negative effects of the environment.

AQUA-PRO complex based on hyaluronic acid provides multi-level intelligent skin hydration: special microspheres penetrate into deep layers, attract moisture and increase in volume, thanks to which the skin remains hydrated for a long time, moisture loss slows down, wrinkles straighten, the skin becomes denser, more elastic and radiant ...

The unique complex 3D express-lifting in combination with blurred focus technology instantly evens out the skin microrelief, while not only masking wrinkles, making them completely invisible, but also pushes them out from the inside, tightening, smoothing and strengthening the skin.

A special biosaccharide (Biosaccharide Gum) forms a weightless breathable veil on the skin surface, which protects the skin from negative environmental influences and prevents dehydration.

Noble olive oil nourishes the skin as much as possible, replenishing the lack of vitamins, microelements and omega-acids in cells, has an intense moisturizing effect, promotes active regeneration of epidermal cells.

The most valuable sweet almond oil saturates cells with essential nutrients, smoothes wrinkles, helps to significantly improve complexion and even out skin texture.

Result: the skin looks youthful and elastic, it acquires a delightful radiance and a delicate glow.


In the morning and evening, apply the serum cream evenly to clean, dry skin and around the eyes with light patting movements. Can be used as a makeup base.

Age 30+
Barcode 4810153027146
Concern Moisturizing, Nutrition, Toning, Antioxidant protection, Elasticity, Anti-aging care
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Line Pharmacos Dead Sea Pharmacy cosmetics from the Dead Sea
Manufacturer CJSC "VITEX" Belarus 220089 Minsk, Smirnova st. 2
Skin type All skin types
Объем 50 мл
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