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The mask combines in its composition the ingredients that provide the correction of the face contour, the visible lifting effect, the reduction of subcutaneous fat deposits, the so-called "double" chin, and the strengthening of the skin structure.

Proteasyl is a patented complex that restores collagen and elastin synthesis. Effectively protects skin cells from age-related changes, from damage caused by external aggressive factors (UV radiation, stress, pollution). Produces a lifting effect, strengthens and tones the thin, delicate skin of the neck and chin, significantly increases the degree of its elasticity.

Indinyl - a complex of plant polymers of a new generation - makes the skin fresh and velvety, has a restructuring effect on the tissues.

Collagen - one of the main structural proteins of the skin, which serves as a framework for it, significantly enhances its natural beauty. Thanks to the marine collagen contained in the mask, the skin is immediately nourished, it is smoothed out, the network of wrinkles disappears, and the flabbiness of the skin is eliminated.

The caffeine in guarana is known for its volume-reducing properties, effectively accelerating the breakdown of fats, providing a slimmer neck and a well-defined jawline.


Open the package, remove the mask and apply to cleansed skin from the neck to the chin, as shown in the picture.

Remove the mask after 20-25 minutes.

Use your fingertips to gently massage the remaining liquid into the skin.

We recommend that you complete the procedure by applying a cream suitable for your skin type.

The mask is designed for single use.

Concern Anti-aging care, Lifting
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Line Home Beautician
Manufacturer PC LLC "Belkosmeks", Minsk, st. P. Brovki, 19, room 301
Skin type All skin types
Объем 13 г
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