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Pink clay gently removes the stratum corneum of the epidermis, acts as a light peeling, stimulates the process of cell renewal, smoothes wrinkles, tightening the skin.

Thanks to the high content of natural minerals, it gives vitality and a feeling of freshness even to dull and dull skin.

Kaolin, due to its exceptional absorbent properties, removes dirt and excess oil, deeply cleanses the pores.

The moisturizing complex (wheat germ, barley, oats) has a powerful moisturizing effect, slows down the evaporation of water from the surface of the epidermis and maintains the moisture balance in the skin, which immediately affects its appearance.

The high content of B vitamins, minerals, antioxidant vitamins E and A in cereals has a regenerating, tissue renewal, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect, prevents the appearance of wrinkles.


Apply to cleansed face (excluding the area around the eyes), neck and décolleté.

After 10-15 minutes, rinse off the remnants of the mask with cool water.

Finish the procedure by applying the cream.

Age 18+
Concern Cleansing
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Line Ideal Fresh
Manufacturer PC LLC "Belkosmeks", Minsk, st. P. Brovki, 19, room 301
Skin type Dry skin, Normal skin
Объем 80 г
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