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Micellar water AQUA BEAUTY from Relouis is the latest development of Italian technologists, combining the properties of a makeup remover from the face and eyes and a moisturizing tonic. Micelles - micellar water microparticles aimed at quick elimination of toxins, delicate care and gentle skin cleansing. Floral waters of chamomile, cornflower, French rose and aloe vera juice, which are part of Aqua Beauty micellar water, moisturize and tone the skin of the face, give it elasticity and freshness, and have a soothing effect.
Dermatological irritation tests were carried out in the independent laboratory Bio Basic Europe (Italy), protocol no. 1101G11P

Barcode 4810438009348
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Manufacturer LLC "Relui Bel" pr-t. Winners, 104, office 26, Minsk, RB.
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