Powder sculptor IDEAL SCULPTING by Luxvisage
Powder sculptor IDEAL SCULPTING 1-CREAM CARAMEL by Luxvisage
Powder sculptor IDEAL SCULPTING 3-MILK CHOCOLATE by Luxvisage

The sculptor's delicate and pigmented texture glides on and blends for a long-lasting, long-lasting result.

The two-tone sculptor powder is available in three shades:

  • Tone 1 "Creamy caramel"
  • Tone 2 "Vanilla cappuccino"
  • Tone 3 "Milk chocolate"

Each of them consists of light and dark shades, which are easy to mix with each other, achieving the most natural lines.

A dark shade will hide imperfections, make the face contour more prominent. The light shade will accentuate and add volume to the face.

Perfect facial features through the play of light and shadow!

Application Tips

Apply a lighter shade to prominent areas of the face for volume. Use a dark shade to correct the shape of the face: apply the sculptor under the cheekbones, on the wings of the nose, along the edge of the forehead.

Features of the

  • Texture: compact;
  • Finish: matte;
  • Features of the formula: durability over 6 hours, soft shading, medium coverage.

Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Manufacturer LLC "Luxvisage", Zaslavl, st. Dzerzhinskaya, 28
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