does not require rinsing
RECOMMENDED: to restore hair, reduce split ends and maintain styling.
Spray primer is a multifunctional "hair designer", created not only for hair care, but also to maintain styling.
The complex of active ingredients included in the spray primer:
  • has effective thermal protection, creating a protective layer around each hair;
  • helps to smooth unruly strands, giving hair a glossy shine;
  • reduces the number of split ends and prevents the appearance of new ones;
  • keeps the hairstyle without weighing down the hair;
  • moisturizes and nourishes damaged hair, making it shiny and silky;
  • protects hair from negative environmental influences and mechanical damage.
KeraSym ™ Restore is a smart protein that, thanks to the Smart Restore technology, instantly penetrates the hair shaft and eliminates existing problems from the inside: restores damaged hair areas, reduces fragility, prevents split ends, preserves keratin in the hair structure, restoring glossy shine, vitality, strength and elasticity.
Glycerin fills hair with moisture, holds it on the surface, making hair manageable and soft to the touch.


Spray the primer spray evenly from a distance of 15-20 cm onto damp or towel-dried hair, paying special attention to the damaged areas of the hair. Style your hair as usual. The product does not require rinsing.

Barcode 4810151024482
Concern Nutrition, Update
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Hair type Brittle, Damaged, Weakened
Line Salon Treatment Effect. Molecular gloss
Manufacturer JV "BELITA" LLC Belarus 220089 Minsk, Dekabristov st., 29A
Объем 100 мл
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