During the virus season, it is especially important to create a protective barrier for the respiratory system.

The original recipe for lip balms LOR Lipbalm Original Recipe is created on the basis of natural ingredients using essential oils.
The formula of the balm is enriched with essential oils, which not only provides first aid to chapped and chapped lips, but also creates a reliable protective and preventive barrier in the season of viruses.
Essential oils of lavender, cinnamon, mint, lemon are widely used for various respiratory diseases. Vapors of these oils provide resistance to various diseases, prevent the spread of viruses and alleviate the condition when symptoms occur during the SARS season.

Lip balm LOR Lipbalm Original Recipe recipe # 4

The original recipe for balm No. 4 was created using essential oils of mint, lemon, as well as rosemary, lavender, patchouli for daily protection and intensive care of the skin of the lips.
The essential oils that make up the balm have an active antiseptic and bactericidal effect, have tonic properties, which is especially important in the season of viruses. Vapors of essential oils can have a positive effect on the respiratory tract, help alleviate the course of diseases with nasal congestion, sore throat, and coughing.
According to research results, essential oil *:
- Suppresses the herpes virus HSV-1 (at 1.0%), HSV-2 by 100%
- Helps with respiratory problems, skin problems, incl. with fungal diseases
Cocoa and shea butter actively soften, effectively nourish, regenerate and moisturize lips all year round.

Daily use of LOR Lip Balm with Essential Lip Balm enhances its protective effect.

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