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  • for the care of damaged and unruly hair, creating the effect of instant hair smoothing and enhancing shine;
  • To prolong the straightening effect, apply the Molecular Shine Global Hair Renovation Spray Primer.
Molecular straightening is an “intelligent” hair care procedure that allows you to achieve the perfect smoothness of the most unruly and curly curls, while maintaining the structure of the hair and improving its quality. The main secret of the procedure is that the hair at the molecular level takes on a new shape: it becomes perfectly smoothed, obedient, full of radiance and beauty.
The complex of active ingredients included in the filler for global hair renovation:
  • retains the effect of molecular straightening;
  • gives hair perfect smoothness, shine and strength;
  • has an intense regenerating effect;
  • keeps keratin in the hair structure;
  • protects hair from the aggressive effects of the metropolis.
KeraSym ™ Restore is a smart protein that, thanks to the Smart Restore technology, instantly penetrates the hair shaft and eliminates existing problems from the inside: restores damaged hair areas, reduces fragility, prevents split ends, restoring vitality, strength and elasticity.

Keratrix ™ is a matrix system of natural polysaccharides designed to actively repair damaged and weak hair. The three-dimensional structure of Keratrix ™ envelops the surface of the hair with a protective veil, significantly increasing protection against damage and the effects of daily urban stress, giving hair a luxurious, well-groomed look.

The complex of amino acids contained in Keratrix ™ restores the hair cuticle, thereby smoothing its texture, gives a glossy shine, perfect smoothness and silkiness.

Hyaluronic acid - moisturizes the scalp, saturates the hair with moisture, restores its structure, making it healthy and radiant.


Apply the filler evenly to washed, lightly towel-dried hair. Wait 10-15 minutes, straighten your hair with an iron or hair dryer. The product does not require rinsing! To prolong the straightening effect, apply the Molecular Shine Global Hair Renovation Spray Primer.

Barcode 4810151024505
Concern Update
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Hair type For all hair types
Line Salon Treatment Effect. Molecular gloss
Manufacturer JV "BELITA" LLC Belarus 220089 Minsk, Dekabristov st., 29A
Объем 4 шт. х 10 мл
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