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for sensitive skin

camellia and arnica oils


1.Mild formula for sensitive skin
2.Complete removal of unwanted hair
3.Long lasting smooth skin effect *
4.Silky tenderness and softness
5.Effective hydration and recovery.

The soft formula of the cream is specially designed for the care of sensitive skin. The cream effectively removes unwanted hair, while not irritating or overdrying the skin, and gives a long-lasting feeling of comfort. The precious oils of camellia and arnica nourish and restore, make the skin extraordinarily soft. D-panthenol actively moisturizes and soothes.

Result: silky smooth, velvety, hydrated skin for a long time! *


Gently apply the required amount of cream with the applicator in an even layer (1-2 mm) on the skin so that the hair to be removed is completely covered. Leave the cream on the skin for 2-3 minutes (for 5-in-1 active depilatory cream and 5-in-1 delicate depilatory cream) or for 5-7 minutes (for 5-in-1 ultra-soft depilatory cream). Use the applicator to test the result on a small area of the skin. If hair comes off easily, remove it very carefully with the applicator along with the cream. If the desired effect is not achieved, leave the cream for a few more minutes (the total exposure time should not exceed 5 minutes for 5 in 1 depilatory cream active and 5 in 1 depilatory cream delicate and 10 minutes for depilatory cream 5 in 1 ultra soft), rinse off the remaining cream thoroughly with warm water. To restore the natural pH-balance of the skin, apply a spray after depilation of this line. * If you regularly use the spray after depilation of this line. Precautions: 24 hours before depilation, carry out a skin sensitivity test: apply the product on a small area of skin from which you want to removed hair, leave it for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. In case of itching, tingling, redness or other discomfort, remove the cream immediately and rinse the skin thoroughly with water. Do not apply the cream on mucous membranes, on damaged, irritated skin, on scars and moles, do not use around the eyes. The cream is not intended for use on the face, chest, groin area. Use with caution in case of dry skin and any hormonal diseases that may affect the speed of skin regeneration. It is not recommended to use the depilatory cream during pregnancy. The cream should not be used after sun exposure. and also immediately after taking a hot bath. Avoid sunbathing, antiperspirants or alcohol-based products for 24 hours after depilation.

Barcode 4810153026439
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Line Special Care Oil Elixir
Manufacturer CJSC "VITEX" Belarus 220089 Minsk, Smirnova st. 2
Объем 120 мл
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