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A real "delicacy" for the skin - a sugar scrub based on natural oils with mango extract - turns body care into a fabulous pleasure, saturated with delicious aromas of your favorite fruit desserts! Delicate sugar crystals intensively exfoliate keratinized skin particles and promote its renewal, completely eliminating the possibility of injury and irritation.
The use of the scrub allows you to preserve the beauty of the skin, make it silky, soft and incredibly smooth, significantly increasing the effectiveness of further care. Delightful juicy aroma of ripe tropical fruits allows you to immerse yourself in exotic dreams, giving you real bliss and excellent mood.
Active ingredients:
  • sugar
  • biodegradable polymer granules
  • cotton oil
  • grape seed oil
  • soybean oil
  • mango extract


Apply the scrub to damp skin after a bath or shower, rub in gently, then rinse with warm water. Use 1-2 times a week. Important: avoid getting water into the jar!

Barcode 4813406007339
Concern Cleansing
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Line Fruit Dessert
Manufacturer LLC "Belika-M", st. Dekabristov, 29a, Minsk, RB
Объем 200 г
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