Nutrition and hydration
Restoring structure
Vitality and shine

The most natural, transparent formula organically combines the effective cleansing properties of shampoo and the deep action of a moisturizing elixir to simultaneously give perfect cleanliness and intensive care to hair prone to dryness, brittleness and dullness.
Active ingredients for hair beauty:
GEL ALOE VERA contains more than 200 active components (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, etc.), due to which it extremely deeply moisturizes and nourishes the hair and scalp, eliminates discomfort, itching and tightness of the skin, restores hair structure, prevents fragility, overdrying and the appearance of split ends.

Vitamins A, C, D and F, enclosed in nano-liposomes, ensure the bioavailability and stability of the active components for a more intense and long-lasting effect even in the deeper layers.
Vitamin A helps the sebaceous glands to produce the necessary secretion that protects hair from drying out and loss, provides a healthy, lively glow.
Vitamin C has a powerful antioxidant effect, fights bacteria on the scalp, protects against dandruff, and promotes collagen production to improve hair strength.
Vitamin D nourishes the hair, helps to strengthen and restore it,
gives smoothness and shine.
Vitamin F strengthens the strength of the hair shaft, prevents hair damage, and maintains scalp health.
Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) restores and strengthens the structure of the hair shaft, restores healthy shine, softness, strength to the hair, and helps prevent moisture loss.
Provitamin B5 (D-panthenol) nourishes the hair follicles, reconstructs microdamages in the hair structure, provides protection against the damaging effects of external factors, gives elasticity, smoothness and healthy shine.
Vitamin H (biotin) is an important building block for hair growth, which is able to stimulate the functioning of "dormant" hair follicles. Effectively nourishes the hair, regulates the function of the sebaceous glands, improves the elasticity and strength of the hair, protects against external factors.
Result: extraordinarily moisturized, supple, strong and shiny hair from root to tip.


Apply elixir shampoo to damp hair, massage gently, then rinse with water. Repeat the procedure if desired. For best results, use additionally this line of butter.

Barcode 4810153028747
Concern Moisturizing, Nutrition, Shine
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Hair type Dry, Brittle
Line Aloe 97%
Manufacturer CJSC "VITEX" Belarus 220089 Minsk, Smirnova st. 2
Объем 400 мл
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