Due to the high content of D-panthenol, the SOS spray soothes the skin after excessive sun exposure, helps relieve irritation and itching, and significantly accelerates the recovery of damaged skin. Absorbs quickly, providing a feeling of comfort.
D-panthenol is an effective soothing remedy for relieving the symptoms of sunburn: burning and redness of the skin.
Aloe Vera gel has antibacterial, regenerating and soothing effects. Actively relieves redness and irritation of the skin, softens the effects of sunburn and moisturizes the skin.


Spray the sos spray evenly on cleansed face and body skin. Reapply if necessary.

Barcode 4810151021825
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Line Solaris
Manufacturer JV "BELITA" LLC Belarus 220089 Minsk, Dekabristov st., 29A
Объем 145 мл
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