A multifunctional make-up fixer with a green tea scent allows you to evenly apply and blend the foundation, provides excellent makeup fixation for the whole day, and prevents it from rolling. Instantly refreshes your skin and makeup with a quick-drying, non-sticky texture. Betaine, which is part of the spray, has active moisturizing properties and relieves irritation.

Mode of application:
Close your eyes and apply the spray evenly over the entire face from a distance of 15-20 cm.

1. For skin preparation: spray on clean skin to moisturize and prepare it for make-up.
2. For makeup fixing: fix makeup during creation or upon completion
3. For refreshing throughout the day: Spray the spray anytime to refresh makeup or skin.

• Free of parabens, alcohol and D5
• Vegan Friendly - no animal ingredients
• Not tested on animals

Barcode 4810438022378
Country of origin Republic of Belarus
Manufacturer LLC "Relui Bel" pr-t. Winners, 104, office 26, Minsk, RB.
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