Cosmetics for children

Children's cosmetics include all products intended for children under the age of 14. Its production is regulated by GOST 32117-2013 and is subject to state registration. Each label must contain this information.

Cosmetics for children are very specific products, since strict requirements are imposed on them due to the peculiarities of the skin of the child and his body. Children are extremely sensitive to the manifestations of the weather (sun or frost, wind or high humidity), and are also prone to diaper rash in toddler age.

Children's skin is very thin compared to an adult, epidermal cells are very small and easily exfoliate from the dermis. The sweat and sebaceous glands are not yet sufficiently developed, therefore they function limitedly. The pH of the skin is 6.7 and is close to that of a neutral environment, so the protective functions are very weak. Children's hair is thin and the scalp is very delicate and sensitive. Children up to 3 years old are not able to brush their teeth themselves, so special toothpastes have been developed for them.

All cosmetics intended for children contain gentle components with different effects: delicate cleansing, moisturizing and softening, protection, etc. Complexes of vegetable oils are responsible for nourishing the skin in children's cosmetics, aloe vera for the soothing effect of irritations, for cleansing - thermal water , for the absence of bacteria - zinc and copper gluconates. The addition of natural flavors to the composition gives the products a pleasant smell and provides a slight relaxation. Foaming in baby bath products is formed thanks to natural coconut oil, and beeswax and aquasponzhin protect against moisture loss by the skin and actively nourish the delicate body of the baby.

When choosing cosmetics for children, you should avoid the presence of artificial fragrances, glycerin, lanolin, loramide, propylene glycol and mineral oil in the composition.

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