Shower gels

Traditional scented soaps are less and less used for body care. The multi-colored soap bars have been replaced by shower gels, which not only do not dry out the skin, but also take good care of it. In the assortment of cosmetics from Belarus, online store "CosmoBest" you can find many similar products, from which you need to choose the most suitable option for the price, composition and properties.

The gel cleanses the body as thoroughly as soap, but does not contain alkalis that disturb the water-lipid balance of the skin. The convenient bottle is easy to use, foams well and smells good due to harmless perfumed fragrances. The largest manufacturers of Belarusian cosmetics include complexes of useful substances in shower gels, thanks to which the skin will be healthy and elastic.

You can choose the right shower gel based on your skin type:

  • For owners of dry skin, a cream-gel with a thick consistency is suitable. Among the components will certainly be almond or olive oils, jojoba, as well as glycerin.
  • People with oily skin need deep cleansing, so a seaweed gel is the best option. Plus, regular use will prevent cellulite.
  • Sensitive skin is often irritated and reddened, so it is worth buying a gel with plant extracts: calendula, thyme, rose petals or chamomile flowers.
  • Allergy sufferers should order a hypoallergenic product with gentle, odorless ingredients.

It is not so easy to navigate among the many shower gels, so it is recommended to choose a product for the intended purpose:

  • Moisturizing with vitamins, precious oils and glycerin is accompanied by a slight fragrance of flowers. After application, there will be no sticky residue left, the skin will be saturated with moisture and instantly acquire a healthy look.
  • Toning gels are especially pleasant in the morning - extracts of citrus, coffee, ginger or cinnamon can dispel any drowsiness and tune in to a positive mood.
  • Antibacterial gels will soothe the skin, cleanse it of dust, dirt, and destroy harmful bacteria. This option is ideal for people with oily skin, as it contains natural antiseptics and triclosan.
  • Massage gels contain abrasive particles that stimulate blood circulation and renew the epidermis.

On sale you can also find gels for relieving fatigue, soothing, lifting and detoxifying products, anti-aging and nourishing compositions. Any of these funds can be purchased on the store's website or by phone. The operator will clarify the cost and current discounts. Delivery works to Minsk, throughout the Republic of Belarus, to the Russian Federation or any country in the world.

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