Micellar water, makeup remover

Facial cleansers have been on the cosmetic market for quite some time, but micellar water is considered a novelty that came from France at the beginning of the 21st century. Scientists in 1913 discovered micelles - particles of surfactants that were used to cleanse the skin. Prior to that, such delicate formulations were used only as directed by dermatologists for allergies, dry skin and dermatitis.

Micellar water is available without parabens, fragrances, silicone or soap - it is absolutely hypoallergenic and makes cleaning soft. Micelles have hydro- and lipophilic components that deeply cleanse the skin from dust, fat and dead cells. The undoubted advantage of micellar water is its ease of use: it is used both for morning washing and for evening make-up removal. Plain water cannot dissolve sebum, and at night it is produced especially actively. Also, micellar water can be used to renew makeup or simply refresh your face during the day. Manufacturers of Belarusian cosmetics follow the trends in the world of cosmetology, therefore they have developed several lines of products for cleansing the skin, including delicate micellar water.

In the CosmoBest online store, you can buy not only one- and two-phase micellar water, but also cream-sorbet of a similar action, tonic-make-up remover with micelles and other high-quality cosmetics from Belarus at an affordable price.

Micelle-based products can be universal, suitable for absolutely everyone, as well as for hypersensitive skin (the most delicate composition with hypoallergenic components). There is also water with micelles for oily or combination skin, among the ingredients of which are substances with a sebum-regulating and absorbing effect.

Consumer opinions differ on the issue of flushing or non-micellar water. Cosmetologists answer that it depends on the composition:

·          Classic emulsifiers must be washed off, since regular application to the skin for a long time can damage the lipid layer and cause irritation or allergic reactions;

·          The soft surfactants in the composition are made from cane sugar or regular vegetable oil. Periodically, such micellar water can be leave on the skin for a day or night;

·          The poloxamers at the base of the product are absolutely hypoallergenic and do not require rinsing.

There is also a mixed type of base, which is always indicated on the label.

You can order skin cleansers at an affordable cost directly on the website or by phone by ordering delivery to Minsk, throughout the Republic of Belarus, to the territory of the Russian Federation or to any country in the world.

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