Skin care

Modern men strive to look solid and respectable, neglecting cosmetics for personal care. This is their mistake: due to hormonal factors, men's skin is oily, and daily shaving causes inflammation and irritation, mimic wrinkles become deeper over the years and spoil the face. Basic facial skin care for men is very simple and consists of three main products: cleansing, moisturizing during the day and nourishing at night. This list, of course, can be expanded with special serums, masks, concentrates - novelties of the cosmetic market, but they will solve pinpoint problems, while basic care is indispensable.

The main recommendation for the use of facial skin care products is professional cosmetics from major manufacturers. On the website of the online store CosmoBest there is a huge selection of Belarusian cosmetics for men. All products are selected for the type of skin, which is different for everyone:

·          Oily skin is accompanied by frequent shine throughout the day. Acne and blackheads appear on the nose and forehead. Such skin should be treated especially carefully - as a rule, it is dehydrated and extremely sensitive;

·          Normal to combination skin has invisible pores. Their slight expansion in the T-zone is allowed, as well as a slight oily sheen on the nose and forehead;

·          With dry skin, a man is faced with peeling, tightness, irritation. The skin is extremely thin, does not tolerate alcohol compounds.

For cleansing, you should try a liquid scrub soap , which contains active black carbon and natural abrasive particles. This is not only detox facial cleansing, but also sebum control, as well as matting of defects.

Day face creams support the skin from morning to evening. They contain active ingredients: allantoin, apricot kernel oil, D-panthenol and caffeine, herbal complexes. These ingredients help to maintain the moisture balance of the skin, soothe and soften it, renew and restore, and increase its elasticity. The herbal complex triggers the production of collagen, due to which the smoothing of wrinkles and a fresh-looking skin is noted.

Cosmetics from Belarus are distinguished by an affordable price and constant quality. You can check the cost, buy and order facial skin care products for men on the company's website, by e-mail, phone or Whatsapp. Delivery to any country of the world by shopping mall "CDEK" and by air mail of RUE "Belpochta" makes the purchase convenient. When ordering goods worth more than 150 Belarusian rubles to Minsk and throughout the Republic of Belarus , delivery is free.

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