Hair styling

Hair styling is called all types of styling, in which special formulations are used to create a hairstyle: its shape, fixation and volume.

Hairsprays are produced in the form of aerosols with a spray bottle and help to add volume, fix the strands and shape, and treat the hair before styling. A film is created on the curls, which increases their elasticity. Manufacturers produce tinted varnishes, dry or liquid, glittering and hypoallergenic. A hairstyle with varnish keeps its shape for a long time, the curls are elastic, mobile and obedient, not glued, the hair is protected from external factors.

Hair sprays are used for the pliability and pliability of the strands. It is usually a colorless, two-phase liquid with a conditioning base and an oily base. Sprays are released without alcohol, so they do not dry the hair. A hairstyle with such a hold is easy to wash off, can be used frequently, the spray does not leave marks and does not overload the hair. On sale you can find formulations with a therapeutic effect, for colored hair or products for imparting special smoothness.

Styling lotions are similar in characteristics to sprays, but differ in their thick consistency. Their use gives the hairstyle volume and a well-groomed look. They are used for long hair or medium-length strands.

Styling foams are thick and sticky, protecting hair during hot styling. The foam dries quickly, retains moisture and coloring pigments inside the hair. The products are applied to damp hair. Perfectly keeps the given shape and gives the hair a splendor. An alternative to foams is styling mousse , which has the same characteristics but is thicker.

Styling creams come in cans and can be used every day. They are harmless to the scalp and hair, and have an anti-static effect. and applied to dry or wet hair. Extremely economical to use. Creams are available for curly and straight hair, modeling, laminating and voluminous hairstyles.

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