Face oils

Oils for facial skin care are indispensable helpers in the fight for the beauty and health of the skin. They are especially useful in the cold season or hot summer, when changes in air, sun and wind dry up the epidermis and form wrinkles. This happens in all people with any type of epidermis, so it is important to take care of prevention with precious oils in advance. It is believed that oils are very oily and can clog pores, making it difficult for the skin to breathe. This is an error - this occurs when using low-quality products or improper application of the product. The CosmoBest online store takes care of its customers, offering on sale only high-quality products of Belarusian cosmetics exclusively from branded manufacturers.

Body and face oils have been used since antiquity, and now they are actively used by the most advanced cosmetologists. Each bottle contains lipids and minerals, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin complexes, phytoestrogens that rejuvenate the epidermis and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. All oils in cosmetics from Belarus have a low price and are divided into two groups: basic (used separately) and essential (added to the composition).

Base oils are made from oleaginous plants or their seeds, grains and fruits. This is the oil of wheat germ, grape seed, olive, apricot or peach, coconut, cumin, shea, argan. If oils at temperatures below 30 degrees become solid, then these are butters . They can be used as a stand-alone remedy, adjusting the action of the remedy to the existing skin problems.

Essential oils are isolated from plant parts with aroma - lavender, orange, rose, nerol, tea tree. In no case should they be used undiluted in the care of the skin of the body or face. Mixing base and essential oils is also strictly prohibited!

The main recommendations for using oils for the face by skin type:

·          Dry skin - avocado, cocoa, argan, shea or rose.

·          From wrinkles - rose or wheat germ

·          Inflammation and oiliness - black cumin, grape seeds, St. John's wort

·          Universal - sea buckthorn, jojoba, apricot pits

·          Anti-aging - rose and wheat germ

·          Facial massage - any oils in liquid form.

It is very simple to apply oil - rub a few drops between your palms and apply them to your face. If you add oil to a cream or other skin care product, the effect is enhanced.

You can buy face oils, order kits for face and body care on the store's website or by phone. The price of the product and the cost of the set can be specified by the operator. Delivery by transport companies to your home is valid all over the world: Minsk, Belarus, RF, any country.

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