After shave products

Daily shaving has a negative effect on the skin of the face, therefore, after this procedure, special products are used that can soothe irritation and refresh the skin. When choosing shaving products in the CosmoBest online store, men should pay attention not only to their price, composition, but also to the condition of their own skin.

After shave is applied as if it were with bristles and smooth areas of the face. It is categorically impossible to apply it under the eyes, so as not to clog the pores with excess substances. Skin type recommendations on the label will help to avoid irritation from the use of care products:

·          For dry or problem skin , nourishing creams with a delicate and soft texture are needed. It is advisable to choose formulations with plant extracts;

·          For oily skin prone to acne and shine during the day, lotions are needed. They will dry out the inflamed areas, eliminate redness. If there are medicinal herbs and natural ingredients in the composition, the condition of the skin will noticeably improve over time;

·          Sensitive skin needs special care. After shaving products should not contain alcohol. It is worth choosing the option with a complex of vitamins and hyaluronic acid for intensive moisturizing of shaved cheeks.

Any after-shave cosmetics creates a protective barrier on the skin, reduces irritation and inflammation, works as an antiseptic, heals small cuts, while actively moisturizing a man's face. If you choose the right composition and form of release, then the use of after-shave products will make this process comfortable and painless.

After shave gels disinfect epidermal cells, eliminate mini-cuts, and intensely soothe the skin. Lotions are used to relieve irritation when the skin is bruised or bruised. More often this happens with an insufficiently sharp razor or with natural unevenness of the skin. Alcohol or antiseptic is added to disinfection lotions, so they are categorically not suitable for men with dry or sensitive skin.

The low cost of Belarusian cosmetics makes it available to any consumer. At the same time, the assortment includes only high-quality products from branded manufacturers. You can buy or order any cosmetics from Belarus on the company's website, by e-mail, phone or Whatsapp. Delivery works to Minsk and throughout the Republic of Belarus (orders from 150 Belarusian rubles - free of charge), as well as to the Russian Federation and any country in the world ( TC "SDEK" and air mail RUE "Belpochta").

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