Face masks

Face masks have been on the cosmetic market for a long time and have managed to find their fans during this time. These are not only ordinary consumers, but also experienced cosmetologists. The mask is a product with a high concentration of beneficial substances used as SOS- products and for intensive skin care. These funds are very popular, because in just 15-30 minutes they can change the appearance of the face, make the skin beautiful and fresh.

The CosmoBest online store in a wide range of Belarusian cosmetics offers a wide variety of face masks: cleansing, calming effect, moisturizing, anti-aging formulations and lifting effect. The price of the masks is notable for its availability, and the quality of the composition is guaranteed by the leading manufacturers of cosmetics from Belarus.

According to the consistency, face masks are fabric, powder, in the form of a cream or gel . Some of them are used at home, some - only in salons by professional cosmetologists (alginate, modeling, collagen sheets).

Masks can be used from 25 years of age and older, if the skin does not have any special problems before this age. In cases where there is oily sheen, rashes, comedones, it is recommended to apply masks against these problems even at a younger age.

How to apply the mask:

·          The face skin is thoroughly cleansed and toned;

·          The mask is applied with the very tips of the fingers, without injuring or crushing the skin. It is recommended to follow the massage lines so as not to stretch the epidermis;

·          After the time indicated on the package, usually about 20 minutes, the mask is washed off with clean water, filtered and pleasantly warm.

Moisturizing masks are versatile, as this procedure is needed for any skin type for different age groups. Cleansing masks are extremely beneficial for normal skin or for combination skin types with an oily T-zone. For rashes on the face, an anti-inflammation mask is needed, which instantly soothes the skin at the cellular level.

Nourishing masks are required for mature and dry skin - they restore the protective barriers of the epidermis, eliminate dryness and a feeling of tightness. After application, the skin becomes firm and very smooth. Nourishing masks can be left on overnight for better action. Soothing masks are a must-have for sensitive skin. The mask can instantly soothe skin receptors, reduce inflammation, eliminate irritation and other defects.

You can buy or order face masks with any action on the store's website or by phone. Operators will clarify the cost of the goods, their availability, arrange delivery to Minsk, throughout the Republic of Belarus, to any country in the world.

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