Foot products

Men tend to be simpler and less attentive to their species than women. But modern society began to dictate its own rules, especially affecting grooming and respectability of appearance. An unpleasant smell from feet can spoil any impression, moreover, lack of foot care is a damaged shoe, the scent from which cannot be removed. Foot care for men consists of three steps: taking care of the skin of the feet, washing it correctly and using special products to eliminate sweating and odor.

Many factors daily adversely affect a man's feet: tight shoes, synthetic socks, warm air in the car, excessive sweating - all this dries up the skin and causes the appearance of cracks, corns and calluses. This provokes the development of fungal infections, which will take a long time to heal. To prevent these effects, you need to wash your feet daily with shower gel or soap, paying particular attention to the space between the toes. After that, be sure to apply a foot product to dry skin to protect the foot.

Antiseptic sprays contain complex natural antibiotics and provide your feet with reliable protection from sweat odor all day long. Antibacterial formulations are clinically tested and rigorously certified. These foot care products include rump and cedar extracts, menthol and tea tree oil.

In addition to basic foot care, you should also think about relaxing them - by the evening your legs get tired, so rest is especially important for them. Sprays for relieving tension, nourishing and moisturizing, maintaining the health of the feet. The active ingredients in the composition will give a feeling of comfort and freshness. Extracts of flax, butcher's bark and oak bark, rosemary and tea tree oils, menthol and special additives will reduce perspiration, eliminate irritation, have an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.

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