Bathing products

Bathing children needs additional means - baths, gels and mousses for abundant foam and delicate protection of the baby's skin. If a child has skin problems, it is worth buying bathing products from pharmacies and specialized stores. With normal skin, bathing in hard water can dry out the skin and lead to peeling and irritation of the baby's dermis. In this case, it is worth adding foam or other compounds to the water to soften it. The best option would be formulations with a neutral odor and white color - they can also be used as shampoos.

Ekopenki delicately cleanse baby's delicate skin and hair. When used, the foam does not irritate the child's eye, getting in accidentally when bathing. These foams contain up to 99% natural ingredients, so they are recommended to be used for daily care of children. Before going to bed, you can apply a foam to the skin under a diaper so that the baby's sleep is long and strong, and the skin is healthy and without diaper rash. The herbal extracts (chamomile and string) included in the composition soothe the skin and have a mild bactericidal effect. D- panthenol, often found in baby bath products, heals scratches and wounds, moisturizes and softens the skin.

The gel-foam will help make every bathing a joy for the baby - soft components intensively form abundant airy foam, which will delicately cleanse and moisturize the skin. The child will love the bathing process, while the lavender extract in the product will take care of the health of his body. A pleasant scent will set you up for a sound sleep and give you peace of mind.

Various baths for bathing children will not only cleanse and soften the skin, but also relieve inflammation thanks to herbal extracts of chamomile and string. Foam, touching the baby's body, will maintain the moisture balance of the skin, relieve peeling and irritation. The product does not irritate the child's delicate eyes, gives him a good mood and restful sleep.

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