On sale you can see a wide range of cosmetics for hair and body, which is not inferior in quality to professional products and salon procedures. Until recently, hair care consisted of only 2 steps - cleansing and moisturizing, but now leading manufacturers have begun to produce new product lines of complex action.

For the beauty of the hair and the health of the scalp, a systematic approach is required - shampoos, balms, masks and oils, sprays and various creams. Those who value their time should pay attention to a set of products from the leading manufacturer of Belarusian cosmetics Belkosmex. The Omega 369 complex contains 8 products, each of which is aimed at maintaining the health of the scalp and hair.

Extra nutritive cosmetics with Omega-3, -6, -9 acids are intended for sensitive and dry scalp and visibly damaged hair. The combination of medicinal oils in the complex will give the skin tenderness and hydration, and the hair - luxury and silkiness.

The kit contains unique hair and skin care products:

one.     Intensive balm for hair nourishment and volume;

2.     Spray serum;

3.     Intensely moisturizing shampoo;

four.     Nourishing balm for the softness of the skin of the hands;

five.     Nourishing body cream;

6.     Butter cream with extra-nourishing effect for the skin of the hands;

7.     Revitalizing Body Cream;

8.     Spray oil for smooth body skin.

All products in the set have an active complex of substances Omega-3, -6, -9, which are instantly absorbed and have a light pleasant aroma, instantly eliminate flaking and dry skin, give it elasticity and health. Also, the composition of the complex is supplemented with useful precious oils OmegaPlus, 100% natural oils IncaOmegaOil and a unique KonjacMannan humidifier. Despite the many active ingredients for nutrition, they do not overload the skin and hair, so they can be used daily.

The OMEGA 369 range of products deeply moisturizes, nourishes, firms and visibly rejuvenates the skin. The result of using the complex will be radiant, elastic and very elastic skin, as well as strong, shiny and manageable hair.


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