Balms and conditioners

After cleansing with shampoo, you need to moisturize the hair and give it the necessary nutrition to restore the segments damaged by combing and styling. Balms and hair conditioners are used after shampooing and are similar in effect in many ways, but conditioner improves hair only superficially, while conditioners nourish hair along the entire length.

Conditioners (rinses) for hair add shine and make combing easy and harmless to the structure of the strands. Acting only on the surface of the hair, the conditioner has a slight and transient moisturizing effect. The liquid consistency is applied for a short time - 2-3 minutes. It is pointless to increase the application time, since the composition does not contain substances that penetrate deep into the hair.

Using the conditioner is simple: after rinsing the shampoo, a little of the composition is applied to the strands on damp hair. It is enough to treat 2/3 of the length from the bottom without touching the hair roots to avoid root clogging. Then wait 3 to 8 minutes depending on the directions on the label and wash off with plenty of water.

Hair balms are the "golden mean" between masks and conditioners. The properties of the composition allow it to penetrate deeply into the hair structure, healing them from the inside. Effects on the scalp, in contrast from masks, the balm does not. At the same time, similarly to the conditioner, the balm affects the surface of the hair, making it smooth and silky. The balm is used immediately after washing with shampoo; it is not recommended to massage the skin when applying. The effect of the application tends to accumulate, so regular application of the balm will significantly improve the hair.

Balms are used a couple of times a week, but not daily, as in this case the scalp and hair can quickly become oily. For owners of thin hair, balms with keratin and proteins, without coconut oil in the composition, are recommended. In all other cases, any quality formulation will do.

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