You can bathe your baby with soap from the 3rd week of birth. Soap for adults is usually not suitable for this - its components are too aggressive for the thin skin of a baby. Baby soap is created with a mild composition and safe ingredients for delicate cleansing of the skin.

When choosing a soap for a child, it is important to assess its safety - an antibacterial cream soap with a neutral composition is the best option. Natural ingredients do not cause allergies, and glycerin carefully cares for the skin. Liquid soap has a balanced composition, does not cause irritation and dryness after bathing. Suitable for daily use. In the composition, you can often find glycerin and lanolin - safe components to protect the baby from bacteria, peeling and inflammation. The content of plant extracts in soaps for babies is quite rare, since allergic reactions are possible. But in some cases, it is these additives that can eliminate sweating or relieve itching, relieve swelling or skin rashes.

Solid soap can contain safe fragrances, slightly dries the skin, but reliably protects it from rare environmental factors. Such soap is used from 1 month of life of the child, and due to the creation of abundant foam, it gives the joy of taking baths. Baby solid soap is also used for washing baby's things - its gentle composition does not cause allergies and does not leave marks on children's things.

Antibacterial soap for children washes microorganisms from the skin thanks to the triclosan or triclocarban in the composition. It is not recommended to use it for daily care, but it will be very useful for wounds or scratches. For children over 3 months old, you can buy soap with chamomile and string extracts, pine extracts or calendula. The child's skin is already sufficiently adapted to the surrounding world and will not be prone to allergic rashes. It is forbidden to choose citrus ingredients in children's skin care products - this is a powerful allergen.

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