Bath products

If you are going to visit the bathhouse, it is worth spending this time not only with pleasure, but also with benefit. The amazing properties of the steam room have a beneficial effect on the human body, body, hair and skin. To get the maximum benefit from going to the bathhouse, it is worth preparing cosmetics for the body and face in advance: scrubs, masks or creams. ... If you wish, you can make face masks yourself, but this requires special knowledge about the composition, rules of application and the peculiarities of mixing products. Manufacturers of cosmetics from Belarus have made life much easier for those who combine a pleasant trip to the steam room and wellness procedures for the skin of the face. Facial products in the bath from Belita, Vitex and other brands in the assortment of the CosmoBest online store have a pleasant texture, are easy to use and have an optimal ratio of active nutrients for the health of the facial skin.

Facial products designed for use in the steam room have the maximum effect by exposing the skin to high temperatures. The maximally opened pores allow to remove toxins and toxins, dirt and sebaceous plugs from the epidermis. In such conditions, the beneficial substances in the composition of cosmetics quickly and deeply penetrate the skin cells, instantly providing various effects:

  • The complexion improves.
  • The regeneration and restoration of skin cells is increased.
  • Pore cleansing and intense cellular respiration occurs.
  • The production of sebum is normalized.
  • The contours of the face are tightened.

After the bath, special creams can be applied to clean and steamed skin, the therapeutic effect of which will be maximized due to the enlarged pores on the face. Belita Eye and Face Cream helps to reduce wrinkles, remove swelling and swelling of the eyelids, nourish and moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes.

Among the many cosmetic products for the face of the SPA series, it is worth paying attention to creams that have an effect similar to visiting a bath: they deeply moisturize and protect against dehydration, reduce wrinkles and promote collagen production (WATER Cream from Belita).

It is important to remember the general recommendations of doctors on visiting the bath: it is strictly forbidden to use the steam room for people with skin inflammation and extensive rosacea (vessels protruding or close to the skin surface).

You can buy and order facial products in the bathhouse, as well as any other Belarusian cosmetics, by phone or on the store's website. The company's managers will clarify the price of each product, taking into account discounts, the total cost of the order, help arrange delivery to Minsk, the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation or any country in the world.