Baby shampoos should be hypoallergenic, slightly acidic in terms of pH (4.5-5.5), without fragrances and dyes. The action of all shampoos for children from their very birth to 14 years old is distinguished by their delicacy and gentle composition - the components in the composition should not cause tears and irritate the delicate scalp. To maintain the health of hair follicles, which are so fragile in children, it is important to choose formulations with vitamin complexes and extracts of flowers and plants (chamomile, calendula, string). When buying, you need to carefully study the label - it indicates age restrictions (from 1 month of life, from 3 or from 5 years).

Baby shampoos are produced in a convenient form, supplying the bottle with a dispenser. To entertain babies when bathing, manufacturers make shampoos in bottles in the form of balls or animals, any toys. If the shampoo does not mark the age from which it can be used, then it is designed for 3-year-old children. It is forbidden to bathe children with products for adults - this applies to shampoos, bath foams, and all kinds of shower gels. Children's shampoos and bath products do not contain harsh ingredients, do not have a specific smell or pronounced color, and do not irritate the eyes of the child.

Baby shampoos consist of natural ingredients and have a number of advantages:

·         They reliably envelop the hair, provide gentle protection from the effects of the environment;

·         Free of parabens and sulfates, providing an antiseptic effect on the skin and caring for it;

·         They stimulate hair growth, make them soft and manageable (they often include castor oil).

When buying shampoo, you should pay attention to its expiration date. A fresh product has maximum efficiency, while the shelf life should not be long.

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