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To make eye wrinkles less noticeable, prolong the youthfulness of the face and give the skin a healthy look, it is absolutely not necessary to do a facelift with a beautician. Gels and eye creams available in the assortment of Belarusian cosmetics of the CosmoBest online store can increase turgor and improve collagen production in tissues in a short time. With regular use of such products, you can smooth out mimic wrinkles, make your complexion more even, and increase skin density.

When choosing a quality cosmetic product for the care of the eyelids, you need to take into account the type of skin on the face, allergic phenomena of the body, the list of active ingredients. Considering these properties of the eyelid gel and the price of the product, you can choose the ideal product that will relieve the problems with the skin around the eyes. Manufacturers of cosmetics from Belarus necessarily include hyaluronic acid , which is hypoallergenic and delicately acting on the epidermis. This substance is a derivative of the activity of the body, therefore it has the maximum effect: tightening and moisturizing.

In addition to haluronic acid, you can choose products with other substances useful for the eyelids on sale:

·          Vitamins A (retinol) - a guarantee of skin firmness and nutrition. In some cases, it causes peeling, this is an individual reaction of each organism. You can replace vitamin A with tocopherol;

·          Vitamin E acts extremely delicately, evening out skin color, removing pigmentation and actively moisturizing the epidermis. Tocopherol is able to increase collagen synthesis, but for the age group over 40+, you need to choose formulations with amino acids;

·          Extracts from seaweed in the composition are the best option for problem skin prone to oily. Such formulations are suitable for nourishing and tightening the skin of the eyelids, reducing puffiness;

·          The inclusion of base and essential oils in the eyelid gel will deeply nourish and moisturize the skin. Oil-based substances are extremely effective in this area;

·          Extracts of flowers and plants will eliminate fine wrinkles, dark spots under the lower eyelid. They smooth the surface of the skin and promote collagen synthesis, especially in flax and passionflower. Extracts from parsley, rose hips, chamomile or roses will also be useful;

·          Synthetic ingredients - unique formulas for each manufacturer. They are aimed at increasing turgor, leveling the complexion, eliminating puffiness.


You can choose the right product, clarify the cost, buy or order products for face and century care, on the website, by phone or in WhatsApp . Fast delivery to Minsk or throughout the Republic of Belarus, to the Russian Federation or anywhere in the world will make your purchase profitable and enjoyable.

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