The hormonal changes occurring in adolescence are reflected in the appearance of the child, and primarily in the hair. The intense secretion of sebum on the scalp leads to clogged pores and the appearance of a strong oily sheen, inflammation and acne. The structure of the hair changes with the body, it becomes dry and brittle. The main problem of any teenager is that oily hair at the ends is very dry at the roots, in addition, itching and flaking, dandruff periodically appear.

Despite the abundance of all kinds of hair and body care products in the CosmoBest online store, their use without observing the basic care rules will not solve problems with hair. How to improve the condition of your teen's hair:

one.        Try not to use irons and curling irons, avoid high temperatures when drying hair;

2.        Do not use aggressive paints. These are, first of all, ammonia and its derivatives. Leading manufacturers of Belarusian cosmetics have developed lines of paints with gentle formulations, especially for adolescents;

3.        If you have to be in the open sun a lot, you should cover your head from direct rays;

four.        When swimming in the pool, it is recommended to wear a special cap, and after bathing, wash your hair with shampoo;

five.        Due to the oily hair, you have to wash your head quite often. You need to do this thoroughly, at least twice lathering your hair. Wait 5 minutes before rinsing;

6.        When shampooing and using care products, you need to choose formulations that are free of fats and oils. Choosing cosmetics from Belarus, you do not have to worry about the components of the shampoo or balm, as well as about the quality - the manufacturers guarantee a gentle composition and effect from use;

7.        Combs and other accessories should be washed under water with soap or other cleaning agents. You should only choose high-quality accessories, and it's not about the price - the cost of the comb may be the lowest, but it will not injure your hair.

When choosing a shampoo for a teenager, it is always recommended to carefully study the composition. As a rule, high-quality cosmetics contain peptides - natural amino acids that not only remove sebum, but also reduce its production by the sebaceous glands. Plant and flower extracts will have an antibacterial effect, strengthen the hair structure, and prevent the appearance of acne. D-panthenol in the composition will reduce and eliminate flaking, itching, inflammation and irritation.

You can buy or order high-quality shampoos for teenagers on the store's website or by phone. The purchase is easy and convenient, the operators will help you arrange the delivery. Cosmetics from Belarus are delivered not only to Minsk and throughout the Republic of Belarus, but also to any country in the world.

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