Hair Sprays

The appearance of the hair depends on the nature of their care and on the general lifestyle of a person. Often hair split at the ends, break, fade and may even fall out. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to use a comprehensive approach for hair health: shampoos and balms, masks and oils to nourish the hair. Each of these means you need to spend a lot of time, and the modern rhythm of life does not always provide such an opportunity. There is a solution - instant hair sprays in spray bottles.

Among the many types of hair sprays, the most common are:

·        Moisturizers - against dryness and brittle hair;

·        Heat-protective - protect hair from the harmful effects of hot styling. A film forms on the surface of the hair, preventing excessive evaporation of moisture;

·        Volumetric - give the hairstyle additional volume without weighting and gluing;

·        Repairing - eliminate damage to the hair, nourishing it with plant extracts, oils, vitamins and microelements;

·        Facilitate combing - most damage occurs during combing. When moistened with a spray, the hair becomes elastic and pliable;

·        Antistatic - Eliminates static electricity. Hair does not frizz in the winter after beating the hat.

Sprays with vitamin complexes are also popular to accelerate hair growth and prevent hair loss. The composition usually includes vitamins of various groups: A and E to activate metabolic processes, B to protect against external factors, PP for intensive absorption of nutrients by hair follicles. Also, trace elements for strong roots, precious oils to stimulate hair growth, keratin to eliminate brittle hair are added to the products.

Large manufacturers have developed lines of sprays with different functionality: nutrition and cleansing, hair lamination, UV protection, renewal, anti-dandruff, for elasticity and for volume.

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