For healthy skin and an even complexion, you can choose high-quality creams, use expensive serums and patches. But without proper cleansing of the skin, not a single, even the most revolutionary, formula of cosmetics manufacturers will have the maximum effect. To remove decorative cosmetics and wash your face correctly, you need to choose the best means for cleansing your face and figure out how to use them.

Cleansing the skin is the first step to its beauty and health. Even if you do not use decorative cosmetics, the skin remains on the remnants of day or night cream, dead cells of the epidermis, particles of dirt and dust from the street, sebum. Regular use of skin cleansers will help avoid various problems: comedones, acne, irritation, uneven complexion.

Morning cleansing requires the use of a gel or foam cleanser and toner. It is important to choose cosmetics for your skin type: dry and normal skin needs mousses, foams or gels, and oily skin needs gel. In the evening, you will need a make-up remover and, preferably, cleansing masks. You can remove cosmetics from your face with lotion or cosmetic milk, special oils or micellar water.

Among the many means for cleansing the face from manufacturers of cosmetics from Belarus, the most popular are:

  • Cleansing foams with moisturizing ingredients. Ideal for normal to sensitive skin, but for normal, oily or combination skin, it may be too soft and not capable of deep cleaning.
  • Micellar water for makeup remover. There are special formulas for supersensitive skin, for waterproof cosmetics make-up remover.
  • Facial cleansing gels are ideal for oily or combination skin. In addition to deep cleansing of sebum and dirt, gels have a mattifying effect and give the skin a healthy glow.
  • Hydrophilic oils change from emulsifiers and oils to milk as soon as they come into contact with water. These products are able to dissolve any cosmetics without damaging the water-lipid balance of the facial skin.

In the assortment of Belarusian cosmetics of the online store "CosmoBest" you can find innovative products for mineral cleansing of the skin of the face. Enzyme powder from Belita with papaya extract and white charcoal not only evens the skin structure when washing, but also absorbs toxins and sebum, giving the skin a matte effect and freshness.

You can buy cosmetics for face cleansing by phone or on the store's website. Managers will clarify the price of the product, indicate the current discounts and promotions, calculate the total cost of the purchase. It is possible to order delivery to Minsk, throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as to the Russian Federation or any other country in the world.

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