Facial sprays

The use of facial sprays allows you to instantly moisturize delicate skin and give it a healthy tone. Some manufacturers call sprays haze or mist, but any of these products are made on the basis of thermal, rose, micellar or melt water.

Regular use of sprays allows the skin to look well-groomed and healthy. Sprays are especially important for people with sensitive skin, which is often irritated and “burning”, as well as absolutely any skin type in dry and hot climates. It is mistakenly believed that only those with dry skin need to moisturize their face. On the contrary, moisturizing for the oily and combined type is no less important, since at elevated temperatures the sebaceous glands secrete more sebum, clogging the pores. The use of thermal water in the form of a spray allows not only to refresh the skin and tone it, but also to restore the water-lipid balance. Cosmetologists recommend that you always have a bottle of spray with you in the summer in order to urgently help the skin with dryness and tightness after the scorching sun. Manufacturers of Belarusian cosmetics release the product in a compact form, which allows it to fit even in a cosmetic bag.

Using the spray is elementary and does not require any special skills. It is necessary to move the bottle 20 centimeters away from the face and spray the product. Depending on the direction of the spray, excess may remain on the skin, which should be removed with a napkin after a minute. The texture of the applied haze is so finely dispersed that the spray can be used over decorative cosmetics. Treatments and anti-aging series should be applied to cleansed skin. It is recommended to replace the usual washing with tap water with a gentle thermal moisturizing, as this greatly affects the condition of the skin and its appearance.

The advantages of face sprays are obvious:

  • Instant freshness of facial skin
  • Securing applied makeup
  • Additional skin hydration in dry rooms or hot climates
  • Cooling down and removing irritation

When choosing a face spray in a wide range of cosmetics from Belarus, you should pay attention not only to the price and type of skin indicated by the manufacturer on the bottle, but also to the expected effect of the application. Mists offered in the online store "CosmoBest" have different purposes: cleansing and toning, removing edema and redness, antioxidant or UV protection, as well as a calming effect or increasing skin elasticity. You can buy or order any of the face sprays with delivery to Minsk, across the territory of the Republic of Belarus, as well as to the Russian Federation and any country in the world, either by phone or on the store's website.

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