Day creams

Beautiful skin with a healthy glow is rarely given by nature. To achieve its ideal state, you need to properly care for the epidermis every day, using various cosmetics. This can be helped by a day face cream that not only moisturizes, but also strengthens the skin and protects against weather conditions, make-up, dust and dirt. There are two main criteria by which to choose the perfect daytime face cream: the lightness of its texture and the suitability for the skin type. It is also worth paying attention to the cost of the product and its quality. The assortment of the CosmoBest online store includes several lines of products for day care from the leading manufacturers of Belarusian cosmetics. The quality of the goods is confirmed by certificates, customer reviews of cosmetics from Belarus, as well as the safety of the formulations.

Experts recommend choosing rich textures for mature skin, drier than in youth, and for oily and combined - airy textures, fluids with a matting effect. For dry skin, the day cream restores moisture balance by attracting moisture and preventing moisture from evaporating from the surface of the face. In the case of oily skin, the cream will not only remove the shine of the face and absorb excess sebum, but also moisturize the epidermis. As a rule, any cream for oily skin slightly mattifies the skin, therefore it is used as a base for applying makeup. Normal skin needs protection and hydration, but it is quite rare, more often it is a combination type . For a partially oily, partially normal face, moisturize the cheeks and reduce the sheen of the T-zone. Cosmetologists recommend applying a light cream all over the face, and on top of it on dry areas - a greasy one.

Day creams vary in price, but are grouped according to the type of action:

·          Moisturizing is a must for any skin type. Such a cream not only brings moisture to the skin cells, but also creates a microfilm on the surface of the epidermis to protect and retain moisture;

·          Nutrition - restoration of the lipid layer of the skin. Used to eliminate high sensitivity, dryness and flaking, dehydration and aging. Manufacturers make the nourishing cream easy to use during the day;

·          Anti-aging - protection against free radicals and reduction of oxidative processes at the cellular level. Anti-aging creams activate regeneration, make wrinkles less deep, and eliminate age spots. Active ingredients are peptides, hyaluronic acid, collagen.

You can buy or order a high-quality day face cream at an affordable price in the CosmoBest online store. Delivery of purchases to Minsk or throughout the Republic of Belarus, to the Russian Federation or another country works.

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