If desired, at any time of the year, you can change the skin tone without being in the sun and without visiting the solarium. Experts have developed self-tanning products based on the natural substance dihydroxyacetone. This component is obtained from beets, sugar cane and chestnut fruits. Auto bronzers are absolutely safe for health, since they consist of natural ingredients and when exposed to the skin, they affect only its upper layers, dead cells.

Self-tanning is distinguished by the saturation of the shade ( l ight, medium, dark) and is selected according to the natural color of human skin. In the l ight marking, the concentration of dyes is minimal (up to 3%), so the shade will be as natural as possible and will suit people with very light skin.

The medium marking indicates a more concentrated content of coloring components (up to 4%) and gives a bronze tint, in a dark self-tanner the percentage of these substances reaches 8% and corresponds to chocolate tones. Minimal and medium self-tanning coloring should be chosen by blondes and light-brown girls, while brown-haired women and brunettes will rather prefer strong and medium coloring. The intensity of the color for any marking can be adjusted by the density and the number of applied layers of the product.

Types of self-tanning products by release form:

·         Cream - adjustable intensity, even application, long-lasting effect. The cream dries longer than other types and can leave marks on clothes;

·         Spray - the fastest drying and a thin layer upon application. When using, the bottle with the agent should be removed so as not to splash the surrounding space;

·         Impregnated napkins are a convenient option that you can take with you. One napkin is designed for half of a person's body. It is applied very quickly as it evaporates quickly;

·         Lotion or milk - soft color and liquid consistency. Dries moderately quickly and is easy to use.

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