After sun products

It is necessary to use special products after sunburn not only for those who are burnt or overheated. After exposure to ultraviolet rays, the skin of any person needs additional moisture and restoration. This is what after-sun products are needed for.

ü Moisturizing the skin with products after sunburn helps to avoid thickening of the epidermis and keratinization - protective reactions of human skin to ultraviolet exposure. The sun's rays dramatically dry the skin: even minimal radiation reduces the level of hyaluronic acid by 20%. This substance is a natural antioxidant in the skin and is responsible for the preservation of DNA.

ü The soothing ingredients in post-sun recovery products reduce the inflammatory response of the epidermis, which manifests itself as sunburn.

ü The softening of the rough surface of the body after the sun with nutrients and oils will eliminate flaking and give the skin a healthy appearance and elasticity.

All high quality after-sun products have a light texture and intensely moisturize the skin. It is extremely rare among these products to find nutritious thick creams with highly concentrated oils. The most popular types of skin care products after the sun:

·        Milk - minimal oil content, hydro-fixing agents soften the skin, do not thicken the texture of the product. When applied, it is quickly absorbed without stickiness;

·        Spray - watery texture of increased lightness, supplied with a spray bottle. Especially important for burns and burnt skin, when every touch causes pain;

·        Gel is the most popular after-sun treatment. It is usually produced with a skin cooling effect. Hydrateants and water in the composition will provide persistent instant hydration of the epidermis;

·        After sun balsam is an emergency remedy for burnt skin. Contains ingredients that relieve inflammation, a complex of lipids and vitamins for accelerated regeneration of the skin.

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