Hair coloring

For those who like to change their looks and appearance, hair dye products are useful. You can become a brunette or red-haired, blonde or brown-haired woman very quickly and easily if you use persistent paints or tinting compounds. Not all dyes are good for hair and scalp health, it is better to choose natural ingredients and proven brands.

Any paints contain active substances of chemical origin, without them coloring is impossible. For a gentle effect, it is necessary to choose minimally toxic formulations. The coloring agent should not contain ammonia and p-phenylenediamine - they dry the skin and thin the hair.

Toning compositions slightly change the shade, moisturizing and slightly coloring the outer surfaces of the hair. The resulting shade will not last long, becoming paler with each shampooing. Apply such tonics to clean and damp hair, leaving for a while, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. To remove yellow hair or light gray hair, it is worth keeping the composition for about 15 minutes; for a bright color, it is recommended to wash it off after half an hour. To maintain the color with tonics, it is necessary to use them regularly every 3-4 shampoos.

From natural dyes, henna and basma stand out - natural dye products created from plants. Henna is obtained from the lower leaves of lavsoniine-thorny (shrub), and basma - from the leaves of indigofer (legume family). The powders are green and gray-green, respectively. The advantages of basma and henna are gentle hair coloring, strengthening and nutrition. When using these dyes, the sebaceous glands on the scalp are improved.

Pure henna gives the hair a reddish color, but depending on the variety, you can get several tones of brown, red or golden shades. Pure basma dyeing gives the hair a blue-green tint, so it is rarely used. More often a mixture of basma and henna is used in different proportions - this gives the hair natural shades, shine and softness.

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