The CosmoBest online store offers unique complexes for body care from leading manufacturers of high quality Belarusian cosmetics at an affordable price. The complex contains several products, ideally selected for maximum benefits for skin and hair. Intensive nutrition and restoration of epidermal cells occurs due to vitamin complexes and oils in the composition, as well as thanks to the active components of Omega 369. Regular use of these products will make the skin young and radiant, with a delicate surface and amazing silkiness.

Omega 369 is a unique complex of unsaturated fatty acids essential for human health. The body cannot produce them on its own, so it is important to ensure that they are supplied with food, supplements, or body care products. Scientists announced the need for Omega 369 back in the last century, noting the good health of people from distant Greenland. Their regular consumption of sea fish, rich in complexes of polyunsaturated fats, strengthened the cardiovascular system and prolonged the youthfulness of the skin. This discovery became a real sensation, and now doctors around the world insist on the regular intake of omega -3, -6 and -9 fats in the body of every person. In addition to beauty and heart health, this complex boosts immunity and detoxifies the body. The inclusion of the unique ingredient Omega 369 in body care products allows you to receive additional beneficial substances every day.

Complexes for the body are designed for different types of skin, but they are especially needed for people with problem skin: dryness, flaking, sensitivity, frequent irritations. Any product with Omega 369 in its composition is nourished almost instantly, eliminates dryness and gives a pleasant aroma, and with regular use, it will restore skin elasticity and its water-lipid balance. The composition contains only 100% natural ingredients: organic oils and moisturizers, thereby strengthening the skin and hair, rejuvenating skin cells, intensive nutrition and hydration. Shampoos, sprays and hair balms included in the complex make them smooth and obedient, strong, with a healthy shine. Buying a set of body care products, you can save a lot, since the cost of individual products is much higher.

Buy and order complexes for the body and any cosmetics from Belarus can be found on the store's website and by phone. Experienced managers of the company will help you choose a product, clarify its price and possible discounts, and arrange delivery to Minsk, the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation and any country in the world.