Scrubs for the scalp

Healthy and beautiful hair is not only about the right shampoo and additional moisturizing with balm and conditioner. Hair shine and strength begins with the hair follicles and is highly dependent on the condition of the scalp. Dead cells must be exfoliated in a timely manner, since within a month the scalp is renewed almost completely, and shampoo cannot wash off all dead cells. Many of them clog the pores of the skin, settle on the roots and prevent hair from growing. In this situation, it is necessary to use a special scrub. Hair scrubs differ from body scrubs in their composition, developed specifically for the care of hair follicles, so their interchangeability is not possible.

It is recommended to use scalp scrubs in the following cases:

·         Frequent styling with silicone styling products - it clogs the pores;

·         Prone to dandruff or oily skin - abrasive ingredients will reliably remove impurities, strengthen the bulbs and skin cells;

·         The need to grow hair sooner - stimulating the skin with scrubs will improve blood circulation on the scalp and accelerate hair growth.

It is necessary to apply the scrub with light movements on a damp scalp ... This will open up your pores and eliminate dandruff. After that, the product is washed off with regular shampoo and a balm is applied. If the scrub is made in the form of a mask, then it will additionally strengthen the hair roots and cleanse the skin. You need to apply a scrub mask only on the head, avoiding getting on the hair along the entire length - there is clay in the composition, which dries the ends.

There are natural and synthetic scrubs for the scalp on sale: in natural products, abrasives are the seeds of nuts, apricots or grapes, and in synthetic products, active ingredients of chemical origin. For oily skin, experts recommend formulations with salicylic acid, extracts of lime or lemon, mint and eucalyptus. For people with normal skin type - scrubs with sea buckthorn or fruit extracts. Dry sensitive skin needs gentle formulas with fine abrasives.

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