Night creams

Night face cream actively nourishes the skin, deeply moisturizes, removes excess sebum, tightens pores, evens out complexion, promotes collagen production, gives the skin youth and health. It is at night that the skin intensively absorbs the active substances from the cream, restoring its condition after daytime stress. The assortment of Belarusian cosmetics of the CosmoBest online store has many offers from different manufacturers. How to make the right choice? It is important to remember that a regular night cream deeply moisturizes the skin, fights dryness and regulates the sebaceous glands, and the anti-aging series of these products is supplemented with collagen and hyaluronic acid, which has a lifting effect. At any age, when choosing a night cream, you need to build on the characteristics of your own skin and the problems that the product should eliminate. Aging skin requires a denser consistency of the product, it is desirable that the composition contains peptides and retinol.

With problem skin, you need a light texture of a night cream, which will contain hyaluronic acid. With regular use, it is possible to make the epidermis smoother, the skin will be smooth, and the production of sebum is normal. If acid is not provided in the composition, then vitamin A, sulfur and zinc must be present against inflammation.

For combination to normal skin, fruit acids are helpful. If the buyer is looking for the effect of deep moisturizing, then you need to choose a composition with shea and shea butter, aloe vera extracts, and vitamin complexes. Cosmetologists advise in case of puffiness in the morning to apply a night cream one hour before bedtime, and before falling asleep, remove excess funds with a clean napkin.

Dry skin requires special care: intensive nourishment, hydration, protection and restoration. With such requirements for the composition of the cream, it must contain grape seed oil, cocoa or avocado, shea, as well as coenzyme Q 10.

There is an opinion that the skin gets used to one type of night cream and, over time, stops absorbing useful substances. This is a mistake, but it is still necessary to change the cream, since the needs of the skin itself may change due to the improvement of its condition and health. In addition, this is an excellent reason to choose a novelty of cosmetics from Belarus, especially at a nice price, as well as to experience something new and try a new aroma of the cream before bed.

You can order a night face cream, buy other cosmetics on the website or by phone. Buyers will be pleasantly pleased with the cost of goods and the convenience of delivery, not only to Minsk and throughout the Republic of Belarus, but also to any country in the world.

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