Special means

In a short time, you can transform your hair and give it a healthy shine, strength and a pleasant scent. All this is possible thanks to special products developed by the largest cosmetics manufacturers.

Deodorants familiar to everyone began to be used in hair care - they firmly block unpleasant odors from tobacco, food and other factors. The delicate veil of the fragrance envelops the hair and complements the created image. In addition to the refined scent, the hair is as shiny and silky as possible.

To restore damaged hair in a short time, you can use care products with liquid silk . Strands become elastic and elastic almost instantly. The composition protects hair from the negative influence of environmental factors, eliminating static electricity. The combination of silk molecules and natural amino acids gives the curls smoothness, they are easy to comb and keep their shape. Small scales are filled with the composition upon application, smoothing the surface of the hair. Liquid Silk eliminates split ends, nourishes and moisturizes hair for a finished look. Modern production of such products is constantly being improved - proteins and new amino acids, plant extracts and vitamin complexes are added to the composition.

Fillers have become a popular remedy for hair restoration, helping even in almost hopeless cases when other hair care products fail. Filler saturates the hair shaft from the inside, filling all voids. The hair is enveloped in the composition like a cocoon and becomes smooth, shiny, healthy shine.

Fillers can be keratin (with collagen, keratin and collagens) or hyaluronic (vegetable protein and hyaluronic acid). These products will help restore hair after dyeing or any chemical procedures, eliminate brittleness and "fluffing" hair.

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