Balms, hair conditioners

Children's hair is very fragile and delicate, so it is important to give them proper care. This is not only shampooing, but also the selection of cosmetics. The scalp of babies is not yet able to provide the required level of protection, and the hair follicles are very weak, therefore, the strands are often tangled and damaged when combing. To avoid such problems, a balm or conditioner is added to shampooing the hair, giving the trees airiness and obedience.

Children's balms and hair conditioners should be chosen with natural ingredients - they are safe and not harmful to health. Organic ingredients eliminate static electricity and make your hair easy to comb. In the presence of extracts from plants, the optimal balance of moisture and trace elements in the scalp and hair roots will be restored. It is strongly not recommended to buy products containing silicones and perfumes, synthetic dyes ( Cl ) and parabens, cocamides and sulfates, mineral oils and polyethylene glycol. Dyes often cause allergies, parabens lead to hormonal imbalances, mineral oils and silicones due to the film on the skin surface are fraught with prickly heat and irritation. By carefully studying the label of the balm or conditioner, you can avoid buying low-quality goods.

High-quality children's balms and hair conditioners are distinguished by the following properties:

ü Natural herbal ingredients to stimulate hair growth;

ü The presence of clinical studies and tests is the key to the best formula for gentle care of delicate baby hair and skin;

ü Delicate washing properties for gentle cleansing of the strands;

ü Regulation of the work of children's sebaceous glands;

ü The composition is developed taking into account the functioning of the child's body;

ü Hypoallergenic;

ü Affordable price category;

ü Availability of a wide range of baby care products in the line of children's products.

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