Hair masks

Hair mask is a remedy for complete nutrition of hair and scalp. It not only heals the hair roots, but also nourishes them from the inside along the entire length. The therapeutic effect of using masks is maximum when compared with other hair care products. It is from the masks that you can expect a long-term effect and the deepest penetration into the hair structure. The active ingredients are selected to act on both hair and scalp, which solves the problem of dandruff, dryness, flaking of the skin and even hair loss. For healthy hair, the mask can be useful as a prevention of split ends, brittle or excessive dryness of the scalp.

Masks can replace balms and rinses - when applied for a short time (3-4 minutes), the mask acts as a conditioner, providing amazing shine and ease of combing. Daily use is not recommended as the hair becomes accustomed to the same effects of substances and stops absorbing them. A couple of times a week it is worth using a mask with a long application time to give your hair and scalp proper nutrition and care.

Apply the mask to the hair before shampooing. At the same time, the strands can be dry, the mask is perfectly applied, and having a creamy structure, it does not drip onto the face and neck. Dense and thick, the mask envelops the hair and transfers nutrients to the roots and scalp. The longer the applied composition is kept, the better and longer the effect of application will be. Usually the mask works for about half an hour, but there are special formulations that are indelible up to 12 hours.

Depending on the active ingredients in the composition of the masks, they are moisturizing, for shine or to add volume to hair, for hair growth or against hair loss, as well as for smoothness. Each product contains trace elements and vitamins, complexes of oils and natural additives.

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